Quick Change Artists

Spectacular Entertainment!

The Quick Change Artists was set up in 2004-2005 created by Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie since then a new Quick Change Artist has been added to the team former Latin and Ballroom Champion Shereen Lawlor.  Since their launch in the Summer of 2005 they have performed in over 60 countries world wide.They have been asked to customise their act for some of the biggest brands. They have consulted on Quick Change techniques major adverts, films, TV shows, theater shows and pop stars. The Quick Change Artists have performed on over 100 television shows across the world, not to mention having over 11 million YouTube hits for their performance on Penn and Teller Fool Us TV Show, they have also performed for many Kings, Queens and Princes along the way. They also won major industry award with the act including the title of British Magic Grand Prix Champion.

Quick Chang Artists In Action

The act is a fusion of Quick Change Magic Illusion and Dance where during the act the dresses and costumes change in an instant to the style of music playing. One second there is a Red Tango dress the next is a Pink and Blue Jive number then in a plume of glitter the dress changes to a ballroom gown! Spectacular!