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This page has been designed to answer the majority of questions that you might have about the technical aspects of the Quick Change Artists show. Please read carefully and if you require any additional information, please contact us.

We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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Keelan Leyser


I have created 3 resolutions, low resolution (attached) medium resolution which is 9mb and a high resolution one which is suitable for you to print out and give to your clients, this high resolution one is 18 megabytes.

They can be downloaded here:

(18mb Very High Resolution suitable for printing on a laser or desktop printer – too large to email – download only!)
(9mb Medium resolution, suitable for low quality printing and is emailable if the client is prepared to wait!)
(1.5mb low resolution, not really suitable for printing but emailable and intended to be viewed on the computer screen)
Here is a link to 3 short trailers around 60 seconds each with clips of Keelan and Charlotte winning the British Magic Championship performance and on Britain’s Got Talent.
For best quality use these:
Keelan Leyser Photos – Profile – Quick Change and Close up Magician
Quick Change photos can be downloaded from….
More photos of the Quick Change Act in action at some past events and promotional shots.
High Resolution Images
For More Hi Resolution images
If there are any images on our Photo Gallery Page that you want let me know and I will see if we have it in a higher resolution.
Short Biog:
Keelan Leyser is one of the most sought after UK magicians. Keelan has performed on over 60 countries and has appeared on over 100 television shows around the world.  Keelan has won the highest award a magician can win in the UK the title of British Magic Grand Prix Champion voted by his peers in front of 3500 magicians at the worlds largest magic convention.  Keelan with his Quick Change Act partner Charlotte reached the semi finals of Britains Got Talent in 2009.  Keelan’s appearance on Penn and Teller Fool Us was the most watched clip of the series and the most watched magic clip on YouTube in 2013 gaining over a massive 11 million views ( ) .  Keelan has personally performed for Prince Charles and the Kings of both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
‘This is a fantastic act’ – Simon Cowell
‘Keelan Leyser, he’s a Genius’- Richard and Judy
‘That was terrific’ – Jonathan Ross
‘Fabulous Act’ – Penn and Teller
‘Wow THAT was very good!’ – Prince Charles

Quick Change Act – Standardstageplan-thumb

Back Stage Crew – 1 English speaking person definitely preferably 2 people where possible. Click the image to the right for a pdf of the stage footprint of how props and quick change hoops are laid out on the stage, before the performance. Please note – all props do need setting on the stage prior to when the performance can begin. This diagram should be shown to the stage hands preferably before the artists arrival, but they will run through this in the rehearsal.

Setting of the props with 2 competent crew shouldn’t take more than 1 minute.

IMPORTANT – After the performance the stage crew need to strike the props and clear up the glitter which will be all over the stage…. there is a LOT of it. We re-use the glitter so it can’t be just be vacuumed up plus there are small magic props and gimmicks amongst it all to be collected too. The artists cannot set or strike their own props due to the delicacy of their costumes. In the event that there are other performers on after the Quick Change Artists the glitter can be swept to the side of the performance area and collected at the end of the show.


It is not ideal to perform the Quick Change Show on a dance floor. It is important to perform on a raised stage, eg, steel deck or spider stage so all audience members can see what is happening during the act, and to avoid all possibilities of magical exposure with this type of act.

It is preferable not to have audience members or tables directly at the sides of the artists for the performance, as this may ruin the effect of the performance and secrecy of some of the magical effects being performed. If this is not possible, please inform us prior to making the booking so we can assess whether it is possible to adapt to your environment.




You can download our lighting sheet here. We have worked in most lighting conditions, however, it goes without saying that the better the lighting, the more enhanced and professional the act looks. We have a lighting guide available to the left, but will do our best to work with what you have.


We need a private room to ourselves to get changed in, with a mirror and chair. We would need this a few hours before the show. It is essential due to the nature of what we are doing that the room is private for the time we are getting ready in. It takes us about an hour to get ready before performance and then about 30 minutes after the performance so would need the room for that length of time. No one is allowed to enter during this time.



It is best that we are introduced by someone Eg the MC if there is one to the audience. We have an introduction speech for the compere/host with our info – you can download compere blurb here… which you can use as much or as little as you require.


We can perform the act just to music but a lot of venues already have projection screens already set up as part of the event.  If this is the case with your venue the the act is enhanced by utilising our complimentary intro and animations which makes the act more spectactular, we prefer to use this where possible.

When we use this AV option we run the entire sound feed for the act from a DVD or you can copy the video files onto your system. The act music played from the video files to make sure it is all in sync with the animations and intro that is played on the screens.  So if this is potentially possible the tech crew need to be informed.  Can you let us know either way so we know to bring the correct DVD and or music.
Can you ask your tech people whether there is any issues with this and that they have the set up to play video and sound from DVD.  The DVD is started once we are announced and continues until the end of  the act and as mentioned the music continues all the way through.
If the venue happens to be a shopping mall or atrium type environment all the requirements are the same, but there is a few additions namely the sides and above area needs to be covered in (eg draped sides and a roof covering – please see the sheet to the sheet for examples), due to this type of venue being typically angley for this type of performance. Please download the Shopping Mall Technical Requirement Sheet to the left.
The majority of the places we perform involve flying and so we have had a lot of experience with which airlines are good and bad with excess luggage payment.
For a standard Quick Change Act we will have 2 suit cases which shouldn’t go into excess but may do depending on the airline booked… we have worked hard getting the weight of the luggage down so the combined weight of the 2 case is 40kgs – 45kgs approximately.
Our experience with low cost airlines namely BMI, Lufthanser, North West Airlines and others has been bad on this front sometimes charging over £350 in excess luggage as they charge for every kilo over the allowance. So if you book two tickets with 20kgs each they will charge for the extra 45kg per kilo so 45 times whatever there rate is can be £10 or £15. So often works out more expensive for the client than booking airline tickets with an airline that allows more luggage or has a flat charge extra bag charge.
We have had the best experience with British Airways (BA) and American Airlines as their policy is a flat fee per extra bag, sometimes they also charge for the oversized depending on the airport and country but it still is a flat fee and is usually around the £30 – £50 mark. BA are also good at dealing with issues for example if there has been mistakes made in the booking, BA we have found are far more flexible then any other airline. Please take this information and advice on board, we travel all the the time and it will save you money in the long run. Just a simple mistake made with the name on the ticket – some cheap airline will make you purchase another ticket as they say they CANNOT change the ticket once it has been issued with the wrong name on it.


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