November 12, 2013

Quick Change Artists London – Halloween 2013 – Amazon

British Quick Change Artists, Keelan and Charlotte were exciting to spend Halloween 2013 performing in London for Amazon. It was a really fun event to perform the quick change act at as the crowd were young and excited and ready for fun.

The event was held in an underground nightclub in Southwark, London and the venue was decked out completely for Halloween and all the staff and entertainers were made up in scary halloween make-up.

The Quick change artists added some spooky props to their quick change act and made some of the dancing into “zombie moves” – the crowd really enjoyed the specialty act and the quick change artists had fun performing for such a buzzing crowd.

The quick change artists always love performing in London, their own city because so often they perform overseas where a lot of traveling is involved so sometimes it is so nice to be able to leave home at lunch time and get back to your own bed all in the same day. Amazon were a fabulous company to perform for, and the feedback they gave was excellent and that the crowd loved the quick change act.

Quick Change Artists London