November 5, 2013

Quick Change Artists on Penn and Teller TV Show – Fool Us

British Quick Change Artists were proud to be invited to perform for Penn and Teller – two of the most famous magicians in the USA, and known across the globe. Penn and Teller came to the UK to film a magic TV series – “Penn and Teller – Fool Us” the idea of the show was to try to fool the master minds of magic with ideas and effects that they hadn’t seen before and didn’t know how the magic worked to win a trip to Las Vegas and perform in the Penn and Teller stage show at the Rio Casino and Hotel.

The quick change artists were well aware that Penn and Teller would know how the magic was done as Teller has previously performed some quick changes in his own show but the quick change artists saw it as a brilliant opportunity to showcase their quick change act to the British public as well as their friends and family who came along to the filming of the TV Show. It is rare that their friends and family get to see them perform as the majority of the quick change bookings come in from overseas, and the UK events tend to be corporate events where it is not possible to bring guests along.

Quick Change Act - Penn and Teller TV Show

Filming the TV show was a brilliant experience for the quick change artists and although they have performed on many TV shows previously including Britain’s Got Talent, with all their family and friends in the audience and the brilliant reception from Penn and Teller after what they deems as a blinding performance, it was a really emotional show for the quick change artists and as expected that they didn’t fool the masters of magic, the whole experience was one they won’t forget. The cast and crew were really fun to be around and Jonathan Ross was a pleasure to meet.

A bonus that came from performing on the Penn and Teller TV show, although they didn’t get to perform with their idols in Las Vegas, they had the most watched YouTube clip from the Fool Us series with an excess of 11 million views.