November 14, 2013

Quick Change Consultancy – Ford

Keelan and Charlotte, Quick Change Artists were excited to be involved in a huge consultancy job for Ford for the launch of the New-Look Fiesta.

Ford wanted to create something different to take to the Motor Shows around the world and thought quick change for the all-new – all changed Fiesta would be a perfect choice.

At the time – Keelan and Charlotte were away working on the cruise ship, they took time off in between cruises and came back to the UK and preped Ford and the artists in just three days before returning to the ship.

The quick change artists trained up four dancers to perform a bespoke quick change act where during the routine right before the final dress change with glitter the two new fiestas were revelaed in hot pink and lime green.

The Ford team did the London, Beijing, Moscow and Geneva Motorshows  – it was so well received that they actually won and industry award for most original trade show exhibition.

It was something Keelan and Charlotte worked closely with Ford on and were proud to be part of something so spectacular.